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Unveiling the Enchanting Children’s Garden at Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens

Located behind Oasis Land Developments’ flagship development Signature One, the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens offers a delightful experience for children and families alike. With its array of exciting features and attractions, this park is a must-visit destination. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this children’s park so special!


1. A Playground Wonderland:

As you enter the park, you’ll be greeted by a wooden climbing feature, shaded by a large sail, inviting children to explore and unleash their adventurous spirits. The highlight of the playground is an impressive tree house boasting a thrilling spiral slide, a rope bridge, and a viewing tower that offers panoramic vistas across the East End of the island. This playground promises endless fun and unforgettable memories.


2. Stay Cool in the Splash Park:

When the Caribbean sun shines its brightest, the splash park at Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens provides the perfect oasis for little ones to cool off. Mesmerising fountains shoot water into the air, creating an enchanting water wonderland. Kids can splash, play, and revel in the refreshing atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for some aquatic fun.


3. Concrete Creatures Come to Life:

One of the most captivating attractions in the park is the collection of concrete animal sculptures generously donated by David Quasius, a talented sculptor also known as Davinoff. These magnificent sculptures were relocated from Quasius’ sand garden in Old Man Bay to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, where they now reside in the Children’s Garden. Quasius meticulously designed and handcrafted each piece, showcasing his artistic brilliance.

In a recent interview, Quasius expressed his excitement about the sculptures finding a new home as a complete collection in the park. Visitors to his sand garden in the past have marvelled at the lifelike creations, and now, these sculptures continue to captivate the imagination of both local residents and visitors alike.


4. Community Appreciation:

North Side MP and Infrastructure Minister, Jay Ebanks, extended his gratitude to the generous donation made by Quasius. He acknowledged the sculptures’ potential to become a major attraction within the park, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. Ebanks revealed that the concept of having animal sculptures in the garden had long been on his mind, and he persisted in persuading Quasius to donate them to the Botanic Park. This dream has now become a reality, thanks to the artist’s generosity.

The Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens’ Children’s Garden is a haven of imagination and wonder. With its incredible play structures, refreshing splash park, and the mesmerising concrete animal sculptures, this park offers an immersive experience for children of all ages. Make sure to visit and explore this enchanting oasis that celebrates art, nature, and the joy of play.