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Signature One

Oasis's Flagship development

Signature One

Signature One, our proudest development is a 146-lot development that will feature two man-made lakes totalling 10.57 acres. This development will consist of Ocean view, Garden View and Lakeside land lots and benefitfrom many on-site amenities.



Residential Plots


Acre Man Made Lake


From Heritage Beach



Signature One, our flagship development is located on the East End of Grand Cayman on the North Side of the Island. The legal identity of Signature One is Block 59a Parcel 320. This development is one of our latest, complete with full planning permission. Infrastructure for Phases 1 and 2 are now complete. The development footprint consists of the following:

  • 146 Residential Building Plots

  • 2 roads totalling 239,100 square feet or 7,970 linear feet

  • 5 LPP plots for green space totalling 119,200 square feet

  • 2 Manmade Lakes totalling 460,600 square feet or 10.57 acres

  • 2 Water Fountains in the main Lake

All lots are delivered with development infrastructure in place including asphalt roads, access to the island's power and water supply (underground) as well as underground telecommunication infrastructure completion is estimated 2024.

We go the extra mile to ensure your stay with us is appreciated, our hospitality is second to none the best in the Caribbean as we have boasted as being the number one destination many times, so please come and enjoy our crystal clear Caribbean seas and pristine beaches and experience our delicious local dishes, my favourite is fish rundown we look forward to meeting you soon.

~John McLean~



Signature one will benefit from onsite facilities for owners including an outdoor swimming pool, a meeting space, tennis courts, wellness centre, rental management office, clubhouse, business centre fitted with meeting space, and an on site concierge service. These amenities are designed to make home-away-from-home feel like home.

The rental management office ensures all investors on Signature one will be able to rent out their property without any added hassle. The on site concierge service will provide 24/7 support for Signature one residents, and help with planning activities and excursions in the local area.

The well-being of Signature one residents is important to us, which is why we have included a wellness centre complete with a gym. For those that prefer to work out outdoors, there are also tennis courts available. After a long day of exploring, Signature one residents can relax and take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool.

The clubhouse is perfect for hosting events and social gatherings. The business centre is ideal for those that need to catch up on some work, and is fitted with meeting space to accommodate larger groups.

Signature one has been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, and we are sure you will take advantage of all our on site amenities.

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Ocean View

Our Ocean View land lots are one of the most sought-after pieces of real estate in the Cayman Islands. Situated at the top of this development overlooking the Caribbean Ocean, our Ocean View lots offer stunning views of the ocean and coastline.

Garden View

Enjoy beauty, tranquillity and peace with our Garden view land lots. You can still enjoy access to the lake, nearby beach, and on-site amenities for a lower price.

Lakeside View

Our Lake Side land lots sit right on the edge of our extraordinary man-made lake. Benefit from all the recreation that comes with living on a lake. Our Lake Side land lots offer the perfect spot to relax and soak up the natural beauty of your surroundings


One Location



Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk-through colorful garden; sit down near the lake and relax in the natural display which is the home of the endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana. The two-acre lake also serves as a habitat and breeding ground for native birds and other rare aquatic birds and animals native to the Caribbean. 4.9KM from from Signature One.

Seven Mile Beach

There's no denying that Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the world. This white-sand beach is framed by crystal-clear waters and lined with palm trees. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and snorkelling and discover the many bars and restaurants the stretch has to offer. 29.9KM from Signature One.

George Town

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and the main financial hub of the Cayman Islands. This thriving city is home to a variety of businesses, shops, restaurants, and bars. George Town is also a popular tourist destination, so there are many things to see and do in this vibrant city. 23.4KM from Signature One.

Star Fish Point

Starfish Point is a secluded beach in the East End of Grand Cayman that well, has a lot of starfish. The water at Starfish Point is very shallow, and then drops off to about 10 feet deep. Most of the starfish are in the deeper area, but they move into the shallow areas occasionally. When you visit, please don't take the Starfish out of the water but feel free to hold and enjoy the natural encounter.

Rum Point

“Rum Point,” on the picturesque north side of Grand Cayman is notable for its island feel, white powdery sand beach and clear shallow seas. It's a great for swimming and snorkeling, beach hammocks, shaded trees, picnic tables, and delectable local food. Drawing both locals and tourists on weekends. Rum Point also offers changing rooms, showers, huts, hammocks, snorkelling and volleyball nets.

Heritage Beach

Heritage Beach in the East End is a small Caribbean beach full of big events – with a stage and a boat ramp making it a fantastic venue for concerts, parties and more. You can also enjoy an amazing fish fry, just steps from the stage. The site has parking on the landward side of the road and picnic facilities on the seaside.

The stunning and picturesque heritage beach is just a few minutes walk from our development "Signature One". A perfect spot to enjoy lunch with beautiful waters, relaxing surroundings that make you feel like your in paradise! Just a few minutes walk from our development Signature One (800m).


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