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Oasis Land Development FAQ; Below is a List of some frequently asked questions. For comprehensive details of Frequently asked questions including our finance packages, the best time to visit the Cayman Islands, and how the Cayman Islands are recovering from COVID-19 contact us today!

Build Project Questions.

A: The price includes a freehold building plot with full infrastructure. Infrastructure includes roads, completed to NRA standards and electrics (water is managed by a septic tank which is standard in the Cayman Islands). Plots come with outlined planning permission ready to submit a planning application to the Cayman Islands planning department. A 0% interest-free payment plan will be provided up to five years for each building plot which can be paid quarterly or monthly.

A: The investor purchases the plots up to a five-year payment term (see payment terms on how to buy e-booklet). Investors have a choice to take our 0% interest-free payment plan or can pay for their purchase in full.

A: No, Oasis payment terms are completely flexible and purchasers can pay in full for their lot if they wish. Get in touch with an agent to discuss payment options.

A: Our payment terms are standard, you pay a reservation fee which is £1,000.00 (US$1,000.00). After the reservation fee you then pay a 40% deposit of the purchase price. The balance of 60% can be paid using 0% interest free developer finance over 5 years, payments can be made monthly (60 payments) or quarterly (20 payments).

A: As payment is made to the Cayman Islands, only USD$ is accepted, for more information speak to an agent.

A: The Cayman Islands have their own currency, the Cayman Island Dollar. However, US Dollars are widely accepted across the islands. The CI$ is fixed to the US dollar at $1.25 US Dollars to $1.00 Cayman Islands Dollar.

Architectural Plans Questions.

A: Yes. The plans can be amended to suit the investors requirements. The developer has made provisions for the cost to amend the plans to a certain degree (amended plans can impact on planning application costs). If the amends go over the set provisions the investor will be notified of any additional costs and can decide to proceed with the changes. In 90% of cases, investor are happy with the current plans and may request minimal changes such as adding a swimming pool. Whats included within the Price for Planning? The planning covers the application fee covering the Property based on the Architectural plans agreed by the Investor and the Developer. The price does not include planning fees or construction for a swimming pool, landscaping, enhanced driveways, fencing, outhouses, garage etc.

A: Yes. There are four sets of architectural plans for each villa and corresponding imagery. Contact one of our agents to discuss the options in more details contact us here.

Cayman Islands Rental Questions.

A: We suggest looking at the following websites to check the current rental market in the Cayman Islands www.airbnb.com, www.flipkey.com and www.vrbo.com. This gives you an indication of what rental you can achieve should you construct a similar type of property.

Construction Questions.

A: Additional items are purchased separately to the construction, items such as furniture, swimming pools, landscaping and driveways must be paid for in full at the time of order. Can i make any changes once i have signed the purchase agreement? Every builder is different. If you use the developer to construct, any changes made to any orders for construction, furniture, swimming pools, driveways and landscapes which are made after the purchase agreements have been signed will be subject to additional charges. We will provide the investor with a written change request for any changes, once it is signed we will only commence with the changes once payments have been received. We will not make any changes without written consent from the investor and full payment for the changes.

A: All of the computer generated images within the brochure have been put together based on our architectural plans. However all plans are subject to change and amendments and as such the images are provided to give investors an idea of what the properties may look like. All of the landscaping within the computer generated images are purely for illustration purposes the style and design can be achieved using plant packages, outdoor furniture or swimming pool designs. All of the interior photo items within the brochure are purely for marketing purposes and do not represent how a property will look, but how a property may look is dependant on the furniture choices the investor makes when they are designing their interior.

COVID-19 Questions.

A: The official Cayman Islands Government website includes a lot of helpful information that is constantly being updated, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions and details of Policies in Action across the Cayman Islands. We also have a list of helplines for critical services. View the website here.

A: The Cayman Islands are now open to receiving travellers, most people are now eligible to enter including unvaccinated travellers however they may need to isolate on arrival into the Cayman Islands. All travellers need to apply to Travel Cayman (here) prior to entry as a travel certificate is required. The Travel Cayman site also includes a full up-to-date list of the travel rules.

A: It is recommended that all travellers take out a travel insurance policy before travelling to the Cayman Islands. It is up to each individual to find the best policy to suit their needs.

Cayman Islands Education Questions.

A: The Cayman Islands are based on UK and American curriculum. We have a comprehensive guide to Cayman Islands education which you can download from the download page. You can also speak to one our our agents contact us here.

A: Yes, the Cayman Islands actually offer an array of University Opportunities. The University College Of The Cayman Islands is the longest standing university in the Cayman Islands. The Truman Bodden Law School is based in George Town and affiliated with the University of Liverpool and Oxford Brookes University. As well as the universities on Island the Cayman Islands are affiliated with many universities across the globe. contact us here.

Cayman Islands Residency Questions.

A: There are different residency options available in the Cayman Islands, to be able to provide suitable advise, we would need to know your personal circumstances. We also have a guide to Cayman Islands residency which you can download from the download page. You can also speak to one our our agents contact us here.

A: The Cayman Islands offer some of the worlds best health care, you can download our guide to health care in the Cayman Islands from the download centre. You can also speak to one our our agents contact us here.

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