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The Cayman Islands Ranked One Of The Top 5 Places To See Wildlife By Lonely Planet

In a recent article entitled “The 5 best places to see wildlife with your kids,” Lonely Planet writer, Claire Volkman singles out the Cayman Islands as being one of the top five countries in the world, and the only Caribbean country, to take children to see wildlife.

The article, which was published in February this year says the following:

“Located in the mint-hued waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands have long been a popular vacation spot for families. Beyond the beaches, however, is a vast wildlife population that lives on both land and sea. Introduce older kids to one of the world’s most preserved coral reefs with a scuba dive off Seven Mile Beach, which will highlight vibrant coral heads, multicolored fish and sea turtles — not to mention over 100 shipwrecks.”

“On land, indigenous and rare blue iguanas can be seen at the Blue Iguana Safari, where breeding programs are helping to restore the population that was once native to Grand Cayman. Spotts Beach is a popular public beach and favorite feeding spot for turtles. People snorkel and swim near them, but these are wild animals, so keep your distance and don’t touch them.”

The article includes Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, National parks and reserves throughout Africa, Sepilok Nature Reserve, Borneo and Lapland, Finland in its list of destinations.