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Signature One October Update

Recently the Tourism Minister, Kenneth Bryan confirmed that the Cayman Islands Government is working towards unlocking borders very soon. Stating that Cayman needs to learn to live with COVID, “We cannot continue to close all schools, we cannot continue to ban all indoor activities and exercise. We cannot continue to have the borders closed for much longer. We cannot expect to lockdown for months to get rid of COVID, to get [numbers] down to zero.”

The Cayman Islands have announced that they are looking the reopening of the borders by the end of the year (2021). Marc Langevin, president of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, told the Compass the announcement had been “long awaited” by CITA members.

Although the borders remain closed the property market is still heating up, last week the Cayman Islands announced a Mega Mansion record sale of $26.4 Million. The closing price was $10 Million above the last benchmark sale which was also recorded this year (2021). Also known as the Sea of Dreams, the home in Bodden Town on Grand Cayman located not far from Signature One, boasts 500 feet of Cayman Islands Ocean Front and has been on the market for around two years.

beach front property
Grand Cayman Record Breaking Beach Front Property

As always, we are happy to bring you the latest updates on the infrastructure of Signature One which is soon to be completed here is the current status of what the development.

According to our project manager, the Water Authority hook-ups are completed to the South, East and West sides of the Signature One lake and the Water Authority stub outs are completed in the same areas. The electricity pole has been installed at the entrance of Signature One, by the Cayman Islands Utility Company (CUC) to connect electricity supply to the underground utilities supplying the development.

The re-rolling/compaction of subdivision roads is in progress.

Catch basins, compact testing and rolling will be completed by the end of October 2021. The next step is to complete the asphalt roads, which we are in the queue awaiting a slot to start the works, which will be detailed in our next Signature One Newsletter.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to update you on opportunities for visiting the Islands. Our concierge service will also be prepared to welcome you in the near future with open arms.

signature one
Aerial View of Signature One