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Shane Kimbrough Astronaut captures Cayman from the International Space Station

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough shared photographs on social media of Grand Cayman taken from the International Space Station this morning as it passed over the islands.

In an Instagram post around 9am, Kimbrough published four photos of the island, which were snapped from orbit as the ISS travelled about 250 miles above Earth.

Commenting on one of the shots, Kimbrough said, “Just caught 7 Mile Beach before the clouds took over in the Cayman Islands.”

He added, “Can you spot the picture with the George Town/Owen Roberts Airport?”

twitter shane

On Twitter, he also posted a composite shot of the entire island and a link to a very high-resolution image of the photo on the NASA photography website.

Kimbrough is the commander of the NASA SpaceX Crew-2 mission to the ISS, which launched last month. He and his crew will spend six months in space on this mission.

Cayman-from-space3 pic 1

Cayman-from-space3 pic 2

Cayman-from-space3 pic 3