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Seven Mile Beach Best in World – No.1 on Earth!!

Seven Mile Beach Best in World – No.1 on Earth!!

It’s as “official” as it gets: The Cayman Islands’ Seven Mile Beach is the best stretch of sand, sea and sky on Earth.

Do you have any idea how many beaches exist in the world? Frankly, we don’t either. Makes no difference.

People can argue all they want about the methodology and results of the recent rankings by U.S. News Travel — indeed, that’s half the fun of such lists — but as far as we here at the Compass are concerned, the publication’s assignment of Seven Mile Beach to the “top spot” is spot on.

Our advice to doubters? Chill out. Go to the beach.

Simply to be included among the dozen most attractive beach vacation destinations on the globe is a positive thing for Cayman. To lead the rankings, however, is a potential marketing bonanza.

The Department of Tourism and local industry businesses would be well-advised to capitalize on the moment and the momentum presented by the designation. The ad copy writes itself — “Seven Mile Beach: No. 1 in the world” — or something to that effect, packaged with any of the glorious images that Seven Mile Beach willingly presents to camera lenses at any given moment, every day.

Forget the “CaymanKind” campaign; if tourists chose their destinations based on how “kind” its hosts were, the world’s nunneries would be booked solid, and Paris, France, famous for its rudeness, would be a tourism ghost town.

The views of Seven Mile Beach are so magnificent that we often find ourselves reassuring skeptical persons from abroad that the photos they are viewing have not been subjected to any process of alteration, filtration or colorization. (“We swear, that’s what Cayman really looks like!”)

In other words, the natural beauty of Seven Mile Beach (and Cayman, in general) is such that it “sells itself” — and in turn sells Cayman as a place of interest for potential employment, immigration, investment and residence. Ponder, for a moment, the countless number of deals (business, personal and matrimonial) that have been struck, over a cold beverage, against the backdrop of Seven Mile Beach’s turquoise waters, white sands and cerulean sky. Throw in Cayman’s famous sunsets, and it’s a wonder we can get any visitors to leave at all.

As U.S. News Travel points out, however, Cayman’s success as a tourist destination can’t be attributed solely to Mother Nature. There also continues to be a great deal of excellent work being done by our tourism-oriented businesses. “Brimming with luxury hotels and casual restaurants, the Cayman Islands leave travelers with little to complain about,” according to the publication.

If they think Cayman is “brimming” with high-class offerings for visitors now, just wait a few more years, when Dart opens up the hotels and restaurants it has under way, when other developers have completed their various renovation and construction projects, and when the country really starts to feel the positive knock-on economic effects generated by initiatives all across Grand Cayman, such as Health City Cayman Islands.

As we have said before, we believe our country is on the cusp of a new “Golden Age” of economic expansion that will rival, and quite probably surpass, any of the earlier booms that comprise what we call the “Cayman Miracle.”

Seven Mile Beach is the natural miracle upon which Cayman’s tourism industry is founded (in communion with the vibrant coral reefs just off the coast), but the real “secret” to Cayman’s success has always been human ingenuity and bold entrepreneurialism.

Source Cayman Compass.

By: Editorial Board

21 May, 2015