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Frank Schilling is in the final stages of preparing a Planned Area Development application for ‘Port Zeus’

Frank Schilling’s Port Zeus Development: Frank Schilling has revealed he is in the final stages of preparing a Planned Area Development application for his ‘passion project’ on the Brac. ‘Port Zeus’ is his masterplan for a new marina, port and village in Cayman Brac paving the way for an inter-island ferry service, according to the project developer.

The planned development, would be located on Schilling’s land adjacent to Scott’s Dock. If approved, the project would include an inland safe harbour, a passenger terminal, a village with shops and restaurants, and a marina with berths for up to 200 boats. The inter-island ferry service would provide a much needed link between Grand Cayman and its sister islands, something that is currently lacking.

Schilling aims to ‘give away’ some of his land to create an 8-acre inland safe harbour. Fishermen and boaters will be able to use, purchase, or rent boat moorings in the harbour and marina while there will be spaces dedicated for larger cargo ships and possibly a ferry

Schilling believes that the development would kickstart a new era of tourism on the Brac, and bring jobs and greater connectivity between the three islands. He said that it would allow inter-island travel and greater access from the Brac to Little Cayman, which is currently only accessible by plane or private boat.

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Ellie Ball (Administration Supervisor)

Ellie has been working at Oasis for 10 years now, having a wide knowledge base of the whole company due to her experience in nearly every department. She’s currently behind the scenes helping out with sales, paperwork, and making sure that it complies with all current regulations. Frank Schilling’s Port Zeus Development