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Soaring Success: Cayman Airways Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Passenger Levels in 2023, Setting New Heights in Aviation Triumphs

Cayman Airways Limited (CAL), the premier national airline of the Cayman Islands, proudly announces that its annual passenger volume for 2023 has not only rebounded but has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, achieving an impressive total of 422,189 passengers. This significant achievement not only signals a resurgence in travel demand but also underscores Cayman Airways’ unwavering commitment to meeting the airlift needs of the Cayman Islands within the competitive aviation industry.

In comparison to the 410,800 passengers carried in 2019, this accomplishment showcases the airline’s remarkable resilience and success in a dynamic market. The Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism and Ports, commends Cayman Airways’ management and staff, recognising the airline’s strength in a highly competitive aviation sector. He emphasises the positive impact of service enhancements and operational streamlining introduced in 2023, contributing to the airline’s sustainability and resilience amid prevailing global challenges.

Dr. John-Paul Clarke, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Cayman Airways, underscores the airline’s commitment to providing safe, convenient, and economical travel options. He highlights the record-breaking number of passengers as a testament to Cayman Airways’ continued effectiveness in meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Fabian Whorms, President and CEO of Cayman Airways, attributes this success to the dedicated efforts of the airline’s staff, emphasising their commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. Notably, he points out a remarkable 27% reduction in fuel consumption, equivalent to 1.84 million fewer gallons compared to 2019, showcasing the positive impact of proactive measures and a modern Boeing 737-8 Max fleet.


Despite global challenges and evolving travel patterns, Cayman Airways officials note that 2023 emerged as a transformative year. The airline achieved its third-highest passenger volume in history while effectively balancing the launch of new services with the rationalisation of existing supply to meet demand.

Key milestones in 2023 included promotions and new hires of Caymanians, a successful inaugural year of service to Los Angeles, the relaunch of service to Panama, inflight enhancements such as charging ports and revamped meal offerings, standardised baggage fees, and improvements to the online check-in process. Cayman Airways also expanded interline partnerships and participated in the United States’ TSA Pre-Check program, providing expedited security procedures for enrolled passengers.

Paul Tibbetts, Executive Vice President of Commercial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, acknowledges the challenges posed by escalating costs but highlights the team’s successful efforts in achieving robust passenger and revenue growth. Cayman Airways remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience while proactively exploring avenues to control costs and enhance revenue streams. The airline looks forward to continued success in 2024, building on the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism and Cayman Airways.


Source: Cayman Airways