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Alexander Hotel Cayman Brac – Cayman Brac boutique hotel

Alexander Hotel Cayman Brac – Cayman Brac boutique hotel

When dreaming of a vacation to the Cayman Islands, many people picture Grand Cayman as the ultimate Caribbean destination, little do they know 89 miles east of the world famous Grand Cayman lies 2 pristine, Caribbean islands called Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Both islands belong to the Cayman Islands and are surrounded by the most clear turquoise waters in the world.

Cayman Brac is the second largest island of the 3 Cayman Islands which at its longest point is just 12 miles long. Cayman Brac can be reached by several daily flights, Cayman Brac is an islands packed with natural activities such as, diving, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, cave exploring, fishing, nature trails and not forgetting the chance to admire the Caribbean shores.

Cayman Brac is a typical Caribbean Islands, no traffic, a couple of restaurants, almost untouched, and now Cayman Brac has welcomed its first modern, boutique hotel – The Alexander Hotel.

The Alexander Hotel was built in 2009, the owner of the hotel was born and raised on Cayman Brac, in fact there is a street in the West of Cayman Brac which is named after the owners father. With a genuine love for Cayman Brac the owner encourages all his guests to explore the one-of-a-kind island and contribute towards the local economy.

The hotel is situated in the South of Cayman Brac not to far from the airport, it is placed snug next to Cayman Brac’s Salt Water Lake. It has a pool which is surrounded by sand which gives it the beach feel, however the hotel itself is just minutes from the actual Cayman Brac beach.

The rooms at the Alexander Hotel are what sets the hotel apart from the other hotels on the island, complete with modern furniture, comfy beds, a kitchen, flat screen TVs, WiFi and air-conditioning you will feel like you are in a London hotel, until you look out of the window and see the palm trees and Caribbean view.

The food at the Alexander Hotel is second to none, whenever Oasis Land Development do day visits to Cayman Brac with staff or investors we make sure we are booked into the Alexander Hotel restaurant, the chef Errol Bucker is an award winning chef who only uses the finest ingredients and with local fishermen close by the hotel only uses the best local seafood to serve its guests.

The hotel has 31 rooms and a outside bar area where you can enjoy BBQ’s, karaoke nights, quiz nights or watch sports on the large wide screen TV which is in the bar area. Enjoy local beer, cocktails, bar food and great hospitality at the Alexander Hotel.