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Why Families Are Moving To The Cayman Islands

Thinking a move to the Caribbean is something reserved only for those looking for a slower pace in life? Think again.

The Cayman Islands are seeing a growing number of young families relocating to this stunning part of the Caribbean to be a part of a safe, healthy, multicultural and beautiful lifestyle.

Here are a number of reasons why families are relocating to the Cayman Islands:


The Cayman Islands has not only some of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean but also the world, this gives parents the peace of mind that their children can play safely outdoors without concern. The local ‘Caymankind’ culture also means the community take care of one another.


With the Cayman Islands being a British overseas territory it is no surprise they offer a British curriculum however they also provide an American curriculum. The private schools in the Cayman Islands that are offered to none Cayman citizens offers competitive tuition costs compared to the US and Canada whilst not loosing the standard of education providing first class learning facilities.


Health Care

The Cayman Islands offer some of the best healthcare in the world with the Health City Cayman Islands recently being recognised as one of the worlds most innovative health care providers by Fortune Magazine. The Cayman Islands provide a wide range of ultra-modern medical services, ranging from specialist clinics to large, sophisticated state-of-the art hospitals. There are three well-equipped, advanced hospitals in the Grand Cayman; two of these are privately-owned and one hospital is public.

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With the Cayman Islands providing near year round sunshine this gives plenty of time to make use of all the islands have to offer. Just some of the activities available are football, rugby, tennis, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, golfing and scuba diving. However the stunning surroundings also provide plenty to do whether that’s hiking or exploring the many beaches the islands have to offer.

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Arts and Culture

There are a number of art and culture programmes offered to children in the Cayman Islands including dance, music instruction and performing arts. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation offers a Young at Arts summer programme and a Young Image Makers Short Film competition.

Standard Of Living

The Cayman Islands is recognised with offering one of the highest standards of living in the world being voted 3rd by Knight Frank overtaking places like Australia, Singapore and Switzerland. This standard of living is due to the modern infrastructure including reliable utilities and communications.


The Cayman Islands are extremely social making it easy to make new friends and integrate into the local community. Weekends are mainly spent enjoying the many white sand beaches, boating on the crystal clear waters, splashing in the fountains at Camana Bay or enjoying one of the elaborate brunches at the local hotels and restaurants.


We know pets are an important member of the family so worry not they are welcome to join you in the Cayman Islands with plenty of long term rental properties accepting pets.

Ease Of Access

The Cayman Islands offer direct flights from most major US cities, Canada and the UK! This means friends and family can visit you in your new part of the world with ease!