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UK Team Cayman Trip!

UK Team Cayman Trip: In April some of the Oasis UK team where lucky enough to spend an action packed week in the Cayman Islands. It was some of the newer team members first time in the Cayman Islands and they were absolutely amazed by the natural beauty of the place. We spent our days exploring the islands, visiting our developments, greeting clients and even celebrating the official Signature One launch. Have a look at our jam packed itinerary and what we got up too!

Day 1

This was the day we landed, we took the British Airways flight from Manchester with a layover in London Heathrow then direct to Grand Cayman. On approach to Grand Cayman you could see the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and we knew we where in for a treat!

Once we had landed in Grand Cayman at Owen Roberts International Airport we where met by a fleet of soft top Jeeps that we spent the week exploring in, on the way to the accommodation we could already see the recent development that has happened throughout the island since our visits pre Covid.

We had a relaxed evening at one of our favourite restaurants Luca at the Caribbean Club knowing we had an early flight to catch to explore Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

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Day 2

Day 2 was a big day visiting our developments on both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

We started our day taking a flight from Owen Roberts International Airport to Edward Bodden Little Cayman Airfield, Cayman Airways operate this flight using one of there “hopper planes” which seat around 20 people. The journey was amazing, getting to see Grand Cayman and the beautiful ocean from the sky was definitely a trip highlight.

Once we had landed in Little Cayman we got the sense of community straight away, the pilot was our very own Johnnie McLeans cousin who helped us of the plane and we also got an introduction the Little Cayman Fire Service who are based out of the airport.

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Our first stop was Little Cayman Beach Resort where we met Jason Belport the general manager of the Little Cayman Beach Resort and Cayman Brac Beach Resort, you can view our Little Cayman video here to see what he had to say. We then headed to the stunning point of sand stopping at all of the unique properties around the island getting a real feel of what Little Cayman has to offer.

The best bit was getting to see Little Selworthy our newest development on the island, we explored the area and created a video all about the development here. In the video you can see our agent Wayne talking about the local area and showing some of the nearby properties.

Now off to Cayman Brac! To get there we took a private boat, we would definitely recommend this it was a great experience getting to see the full coast of Little Cayman and Brac in the distance.

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As soon as we docked on Cayman Brac you could see the sheer natural beauty, the public beach was the picture perfect white sand with turquoise waters (like the rest of the islands). We didn’t get to spend much time on the Brac disappointingly however managed a tour of most of the island seeing the sports complex, hospital, school and even the Caves! When we headed back to the airport, we where joined by the Cayman Islands cricket team flying back to Grand Cayman, people really do just hop between the islands as the flights are so easy to catch.

Day 3

The day we had all been waiting for, the official launch of Signature One!

Purchasers of Signature One lots had flown into Grand Cayman from all over the world to come and see the real beauty of not only the Cayman Islands but the East End and the Signature Development. Alot of the owners on Signature are local people from the East End of Grand Cayman where Cayman Kind shows in each and every person, most of the event was actually from the purchasers including the food, bar and even the pastor who gave the official opening speeches. It was a wonderful day where complete strangers felt like they had been friends for years a great start for Cayman Kind in Signature One!

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Day 4

On the day we headed out to sea, we had to visit one of the most famous attractions in the Cayman Islands sting ray city! Legend says if you kiss a stingray you get 7 years luck and who wouldn’t want that. It truly is an experience we recommend everyone takes part in, some of the Oasis team where definitely hesitant to get into the water but once in you can sense this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After all of the excitement at stingray city we enjoyed a delicious lunch at another one of our favourite restaurants Tukka.

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Day 5

Our last full day in the Cayman Islands!

We spent the day exploring the East End of Grand Cayman the home to Signature One, it really is an amazing part of the island full of history. One of our favourite stops is the fresh juice van next to everglo bar, if your visiting the East End you cant miss out on this hidden spot.

During the tour we visited Pedro St James the oldest stone building in the Cayman Islands, the house is a great place to visit. Pedro St James has an experience theatre giving the history of not only of the house but also the whole island, its definitely an interesting visit.

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Throughout the day we visited some of our clients builds that are taking place and also complete. The agents took photos and video tours for there clients, it was a great learning experience to see the builds at different stages of completion. You can see some below.

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The last call of the tour was visiting our architects and lawyers getting all of the up to date regulations and plans going forward in the Cayman Islands to make sure we have the most current knowledge and facts for our clients.

We ended the day with a gorgeous dinner reminiscing on the week, what we had learnt, seen, people we had met and all agreed there really is nowhere like the Cayman Islands!



Ellie Ball (Administration Supervisor)

Ellie has been working at Oasis for 10 years now, having a wide knowledge base of the whole company due to her experience in nearly every department. She’s currently behind the scenes helping out with sales, paperwork, and making sure that it complies with all current regulations.