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The Newest Addition to Grand Cayman’s Skyline is Edging Closer to It’s 10 Storey Height

The Newest Addition to Grand Cayman’s Skyline is Edging Closer to It’s 10 Storey Height

The newest addition to Grand Cayman’s skyline is edging closer to it’s 10 storey height. Crews have already passed the halfway mark of the Kimpton hotel’s structural frame, pouring more than 80 million pounds of concrete reinforced by 5 million pounds of rebar.

“You can see we are fully engaged in the concrete frame programme essentially with four tower cranes working on concrete, rebar, and concrete masonry at this juncture,” said Gary Gibbs of DECCO, who gave Cayman 27 cameras an exclusive tour of the very active work-site.

The Kimpton hotel is taking shape, rising up to eventually meet its planned height. By late 2016 it will feature as a dominant presence on Cayman’s skyline.

“We’re looking at being complete with the structural frame in July of next year and we’re already starting to heavily focus on the follow-on trades which include the mechanical, the electrical, and the plumbing,” explained Mr. Gibbs.

Mr. Gibbs says setting the hotel back 400 feet from the beach allows for intricate landscaping and panoramic views stretching from George Town all the way to West Bay.

“Everything is built around the view,” remarked Mr. Gibbs. “There are a lot of angles on the building which makes it a challenge but also makes it really fun to build.”

Another challenge on such an active worksite; coordinating the 350 workers and various pieces of heavy equipment that make the project tick.

“We’re planning the work weeks and weeks ahead of time with the various crews doing everything from safety briefings to per task plans, materials and logistics coordination,” said Mr. Gibbs.

The four crane operators communicate with spotters on the ground and on the work surfaces via radio. They also coordinate efforts with each other on a dedicated channel.

When the exterior is complete, the interior promises to have decorative flourishes that are uniquely Caymanian. A full-sized catboat will hang from the lobby ceiling.

“The interior is going to be very respectful of the Cayman culture and also what it means to be on this island as a visitor as a resident,” said Mr. Gibbs.

Next door to the 266 room hotel is a 62 residence condominium. The two buildings are connected with what will be an underground tunnel. It will take roughly 4500 truckloads of fill to move ground level up to 24 feet above sea level. Some 35,000 trees and shrubs will adorn the premises, completing the landscaping elements.

Crews are also prepping the land for six “bungalows” on the South end of the property, which are designed to be premium accommodations.

Cayman 27′s Joe Avary filed this report.