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The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa: Cementing Grand Cayman’s Place as a Caribbean Culinary Capital

The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa: Cementing Grand Cayman’s Place as a Caribbean Culinary Capital

There is a lot to love about the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands: Kimpton’s first international resort and Grand Cayman’s first new property in a decade. As the tallest building on the island and Kimpton’s foray into the luxury market, the hotel cuts a dramatic figure—and a stylish one; from the modish décor, teeming with color and texture, to the swanky oceanfront bungalows, sprawling Seafire Pool and the staff’s uber-chic uniforms! The 266-room beachfront property sashays into the hotel scene with bravura.

The 135 nationalities represented here means dining options run the gamut from high-end Italian to side-of-the-road Jamaican. A thriving locavore scene has developed lately—thanks to a weekly Farmers Market at Camana Bay and another one in George Town, farm-to-table dinners at eateries like the outstanding Cayman Cabana have become a culinary staple—while January’s Cayman Cookout annually attracts the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert.

All of which is to say, when it comes to cuisine on Grand Cayman, the bar is high—and Seafire’s debut officially sets it higher. Here’s how the hotel and its Executive Chef, Massimo De Francesca, have cemented Cayman’s place as a Caribbean culinary capital.

AVECITA Built around a wood grill, Avecita is a restaurant-within-a-restaurant focusing on Spanish-style plates; the chef’s counter allows for a birds-eye view of kitchen magic. Giving the menu a once-over they do meat—lamb, ribeye with chimichuri along with fish and veggies, lots of local produce. Dish after dish is full of different flavors and textures combined with the freshness of the ingredients this restaurant is a must.

The in house mixologist (drink and cocktail master) knows his spirits, his name is Juan and he is originally from Madrid, his love for his craft of creating drinking delights transcends through his concoctions and all of which are made to marry up explicitly with your chosen dish, this on it’s own will take your dining experience to a whole new level. Along with Juan there is a diverse cultural mix within the resort, boasting an impressive 52 nationalities represented in its staff, Seafire have a crew of chef’s from France, Spain, Portugal and much more. The hotel offer guests the opportunity to book a scuba diving expedition with the chefs to catch lobster and conch! What a fabulous idea and great experience to share.

AVE: Seafire’s primary restaurant has a remarkable ability to transform itself. In the morning it’s a casual outdoor breakfast eatery, serving up a feast: Jerk chicken and waffle and the Cayman scramble are flavourful plays on local dishes, while a brioche breakfast sandwich and banana nut waffle are sheer indulgence. By night, though, AVE is a dimly lit fine-dining haven specializing in coastal Mediterranean food but also toying with Caribbean flavors—always, of course, with an emphasis on local. There’s plenty of international flavor represented, too, from a NY steak to the decadent spaghetti carbonara with jerk-parmesan sauce and piri piri glazed chicken.

COCCOLOBA BAR & GRILL: You will spend most of your time at Seafire on its flawless stretch of Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach—which means you will sample plenty of food from Coccoloba, a casual-chic beachfront eatery in homage to Mexican street food.