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The 11 best cities for buying property abroad by

The 11 best cities for buying property abroad by

Investing abroad opens endless opportunities and security that it not possible by investing in American or Chinese land. With the worlds economy finally finding its way back up, overseas properties are becoming more lucrative than ever before.

Like with any investment there are endless opportunities to choose from, it is advisable to carefully research the market and the stability of the country.

Homesgofast did their own research of “a few good places to start looking” and the Cayman Islands were within the list, this is what they had to say.

“Cayman Islands

“Who hasn’t dreamt about owning a home on a white sand beach while the ocean air wafts through an open window? Real estate in the Cayman Islands produces good returns, and you can expect to see up to 8% rental yield. This truly is paradise.”