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Port Zeus Master Plan Revealed

Cabinet members have the power to decide on a major coastal works project, proposing replacement of Scott’s Dock with an entirely new 300-foot jetty and a second one that extends 450 feet into the sea. Not only this – but also means larges yachts will be able to access their own safe harbour thanks to excavations for creating 9 acres at land side too! An exclusive 120-ft wide channel between these two structures is promised – opening up untold possibilities for mariners in search of total security and peace or mind.

With the vision of creating a bustling and prosperous village, Schillings ambitious plans hope to develop commercial and residential lots around the water. His mission is not only to bring trade to Cayman Brac but also provide an avenue for inter-island tourism as well as further visitation from all over the world.

This ambitious harbour project is no small feat! After gaining Cabinet approval and undergoing an environmental impact assessment, the 20 foot deep harbour could take up to two years of ‘giant earthworks’ for successful completion. Following this phase will be the development of individual lots within it, estimated at around 8-10 more years but culminating in a grand feature that promises resurgence by 2027.

He said the project would help bring new business to the Brac without overwhelming the island with tourists. It will allow luxury yachts a safe way to visit both Sister Islands.

“Every time one of those yachts comes in, it is like a boutique hotel just pulled up. They need fuel, they need champagne, they need Diet Coke, they need a restaurant and a bar.”

He said the lots surrounding the harbour would be open to local businesses to develop.

“This is something I want to do in partnership with the local community,” he added.