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Plans for a new Little Cayman airport

Plans for a new Little Cayman airport

Plans for a brand new airfield on Little Cayman is currently being discussed as part of an overhaul for local airports. The new overhaul will see new developments worth millions of Dollars within the Cayman Islands.

Currently the airfield on Little Cayman is privately owned by several land owners and has been in-place since the 1960’s, concern is being raised about the road which runs through the airfield, and if the airport can sustain future development to the island.

Tourism chiefs are assessing the potential location for the airfield, and the project is in the very early planning discussion stages.

In his budget last week, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said, “This proposed facility will be constructed on land owned by the Cayman Islands Airports Authority. The first phase is to have it surveyed and cleared. We can then look at what it will cost to construct the runway.”

He said the development would allow Cayman Airways to use more cost-effective turbo-prop aircraft and would help deal with some liability issues at the existing site.

“Little Cayman airport is currently operating under an exemption of air worthiness,” Mr. Kirkconnell said. “There is going to be a point in time where we are not going to get another exemption. We have to move toward a solution.”

The owner of the Little Cayman Southern Cross Club welcomed the news, he did says that Little Cayman doesn’t need a large scale airport, but the airport did have some practical issues.

On visits to Little Cayman, Oasis Land Development like the feel of the small intimate airport, it gives the ultimate feel of a great escape.

The new airfield would be able to accommodate slightly larger planes, still only 25 seats, but the residents of Little Cayman and Oasis don’t want to see a impact on the beautiful island, so are happy to restrict small planes to the island.