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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Find out more about the team at Oasis

John B McLean Jr. has served as a property consultant for Oasis Land Development Ltd since 2014 and has been appointed the director for Oasis Land Development Ltd since July 2019.


Mr. McLean Jr. advises on local market conditions, construction, property management and other related requirements, including the promotion and sales of various properties in the Cayman Islands. Mr McLean Jr. attended the Cayman Islands Community College and attained his Business and Management Diploma in 1989.


Mr McLean Jr. is a native of the Cayman Islands and has in-depth knowledge of the greater and wider community, community affairs and the overall property and land development market in the Cayman Islands. His interests include community service over the last decade with extensive volunteer work in his community of East End in sports and cultural affairs and promoting save the environment initiatives

Mark is a Senior Agent with over 15 years of real estate expertise and has worked for Oasis for over 10 years, having earned a degree in Business Management & Marketing from Edge Hill University. Mark is an active sportsman who enjoys many activities every day, from golf to squash.

Since 2008, Anwar has worked for Oasis in the Cayman Islands offering over 14 years of expertise in the field. Anwar recently relocated to the United Kingdom recently to keep up with the incredible demand in Western markets, after previously working in our China office. Anwar's passion for exercise and activity helps him meet his daily fitness goals.

Blake has worked in the real estate industry for 16 years and has been with Oasis since the start. During his time with Oasis, Blake traveled the world across Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia assisting customers on their Cayman Islands journey. In his free time, Blake is a huge sports enthusiast who regularly pushes himself to new levels

John, one of the newest members to our team, fell in love with the Cayman Islands upon his first visit. With a strong passion for the Oasis opportunity, John collaborates with investors all over the world. A devoted Liverpool FC supporter, John has a season ticket and frequently goes to games to show support for his team.

Dan has been with Oasis for over 5 years, having previously led our Asia team before the pandemic. Dan has assisted customers from all around the world in achieving their real estate objectives. When Dan is not assisting his clients, you can usually find him on trips to new places or catching up with his young twin daughters.

Bhavesh is a seasoned real estate professional with over six years of experience in the UK, Canadian, and Indian markets. His expertise in the field of land investments is unparalleled, and he can be your perfect guide to help ease the process. In addition to his impressive professional credentials, Bhavesh is a passionate sports enthusiast who has been competing in Badminton since the age of seven.

Devin is a relative newcomer to the field of marketing, but he has already made a big impact at Oasis Land. He joined our team shortly after graduating with a degree in film production, and he quickly settled into his new role. Devin has played an important role in helping to manage and maintain our international campaigns.
Devin's creative background has been valuable in coming up with new ideas for marketing initiatives, and his attention to detail ensures that all of our campaigns are executed flawlessly. In addition, Devin is a talented photographer, and his photos have been featured in several of our marketing materials.

Claire Abram has worked at Oasis for over 5 years as an Accounting Assistant. Claire not only assists customers on a worldwide basis but also supports her three-young girls and long-serving forces husband. Claire is a keen equestrian and is currently training for the 2022 London Marathon.

Ellie has been working at Oasis for 10 years now, having a wide knowledge base of the whole company due to her experience in nearly every department. She's currently behind the scenes helping out with sales, paperwork, and making sure that it complies with all current regulations.
Ellie is a real people person and loves spending time with her loved ones and can usually found exploring a new place each weekend.

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