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Oasis Celebrates 13 Years in Business!



The Oasis Story

On arrival to the Cayman Islands in 2006; when looking for a personal investment, drawn to the white sands, turquoise waters, prospering property market, combined with the benefits of a British territory in a tax free jurisdiction, what didn’t the Cayman Islands have to offer for a perfect investment and place to call home? We were so amazed by the Cayman Islands we instantly knew that there was a more viable opportunity to acquire property to present to a worldwide audience.

Oasis have witnessed a lot of change over the past 13 years, both with our own company and through global change and development, yet one thing which seemingly always remained strong, is the Cayman Islands property market.

Our pilot launch was a property show in Dubai in 2008 known as Cityscape, as luck would have it, we launched our business just moments before the world entered the Great Recession of 2008. A place seriously impacted by the 2008 Great Recession was our main opening market, the Middle East. Oasis knew that the Middle East was experiencing difficulties, and decided to move our operation to Asia. Since 2009, Oasis have thrived in Asia. Over the past 12 years, Oasis have opened offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian and Shanghai. During our time in Asia, our network has expanded even further including Taiwan, Dalian, Hong Kong and many more Asia territories. Aside from Asia, Oasis also now have partnerships in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and throughout Europe.

Where have the last 13 years taken us, where to start is the question? Oasis Land Development Ltd are recognised as one of the leading land developers in the Cayman Islands, owners of Selworthy Grove, currently the biggest gated community on Cayman Brac with over 311 freehold building plots. We have sold hundreds, on hundreds of Cayman Islands Freehold building plots across all three of the Cayman Islands. Everything from hotel developments on the Little Cayman lagoon overlooking Owen Island, to ocean front land parcels across all four corners of Cayman Brac, and our magnificent garden view developments from the East End of Grand Cayman to the iconic bluff top of Cayman Brac.

Oasis also operate our own five star concierge service in the Cayman Islands offering a warm welcome to our clients and their friends and family. Over the past decade, Oasis have curated close working relationships with leading professionals in the Cayman Islands, including Law Firms, Architects, Schools, Universities, any profession that provides that ‘extra touch’ to our client’s futures in the Cayman Islands.

Oasis have accomplished a charity division helping raise over £30,000.00 since 2012, our team have encountered everything from Tough Mudder challenges and we also have several marathons under our belt!

Our commitment to our clients and continual adaptation is demonstrated by our steady sales growth and growing clientele. Without our dedicated team and supportive networks, we would not be the company we are today, their commitment to our vision, values and the dedication to our clients, has allowed Oasis to create the world-class company that we are today.

Thank you to our customers.

Over the past 13 years Oasis have facilitated hundreds of customers in achieving their dreams in the Cayman Islands. Our customers have trusted Oasis throughout the years, it is a privilege to work with you and help you achieve your investment goals, whether your goal was to retire in the Cayman Islands, send your children to International School or simply expand your portfolio, your important milestones coincide with ours, and our goals would not be possible to achieve without you.

The next Decade.

Year on year, Oasis has continued to grow, develop, evolve and adapt. Most recently, as the whole world adapted to living and working in a new era, adaptation was the key measure to create success. The past 18 months was not without its challenges, travel bans and worldwide lockdowns forced Oasis, like many other companies to adapt new ways to operate. One thing that has not changed in the last decade is our company values. Every campaign, meeting, and decision we make is driven by transparency, success, partnership, innovation, responsiveness, clients’ needs and a supportive culture. Our mission has been, and always will be, to invest in the success of our clients which is why we continue to deliver our zero percent interest free payment plan. With that vision as our guiding light, we are very optimistic that the future will be bright and our next decade will be filled with expansions, improvements, and more great people to meet along the way.

Here’ s a quick flash back of Oasis Land Development Ltd.

Oasis Over the Years

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