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Making Sense of Land Ownership in the Cayman Islands

Making Sense of Land Ownership in the Cayman Islands.

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, Oasis Land Development Ltd has been working tirelessly to turn the dream of land ownership in the Cayman Islands into a reality. Our understanding of the land and real estate market in the Cayman Islands, makes us one of the largest land developers in this British Territory. But what does owning land in the Cayman Islands actually mean? And why is it an opportunity you might want to consider?

Land is not just an asset; it’s a resource laden with possibilities. Here in the Cayman Islands, land is a finite resource. Owning land in the Cayman Islands gives you the freedom and space to sculpt your vision the way you envision it at a time of your choosing. Whether you dream of building a vacation home, starting a business venture, or simply investing in a region with a history of increasing value, the land serves as a canvas for your ambitions at a time of your choosing.

What’s more, with Oasis Land Development Ltd, you’re not just buying a piece of land; you’re investing in your future, and providing yourself and family options for the future. With Oasis, land ownership in the Cayman Islands is simplified and made affordable with our ZERO PERCENT INTEREST FREE PAYMENT PLANS and our BESPOKE DEPOSIT OPTIONS. We have removed the financial hurdles, making land ownership in this paradise an achievable reality for many people.

A Guarantee of Property Ownership and Land.
When it comes to real estate investment, we understand that security is paramount. The trust you place in us when buying a freehold parcel of land is something we deeply value and strive to uphold. Land ownership in the Cayman Islands is regulated through a secure and transparent land registry system controlled and operated by the Cayman Island Land Registry (in turn the Cayman Islands government). Every piece of land you purchase is correctly registered with the Cayman Islands Land and Survey Department, who guarantees a purchasers land ownership. This means that your freehold land purchase is not only safe but also well-documented with ownership being indisputable. You can visit the Cayman Islands Land & Survey department here.

The Cayman Islands employs a detailed land boundary identification system to ensure accuracy of each land parcel and the land ownership. Each individual lot is accurately marked with brass kap survey markers this work is carried out by a fully qualified land surveyor. The kaps are then registered through an advanced aerial satellite system onto a digital land registry, this registration includes the unique serial numbers on the brass kap markers and the precise coordinates of their placement. It is illegal to tamper with or remove these markers unless done so by a registered land surveyor. This approach helps prevent potential disputes and establishes a robust measure of security for land boundaries and individual freehold building lots.

The Legal System: 
The Cayman Islands boasts of a robust and efficient legal system. This system is designed to safeguard the rights and interests of land and property owners as well as individuals and companies doing business in the Cayman Islands. In case of any disputes, there is an abundance of law firms available to provide legal counsel and represent your interests. They are available to guide you through the purchasing process, help you understand the fine print, and ensure a smooth, transparent transaction. This strong legal system serves as a shield, protecting your rights, and a sword, enabling you to enforce them when necessary. You can view the legal register of lawyers registered in the Cayman Islands here.

Buying Land: An Investment for the Future
Choosing to buy land as opposed to a fully developed property presents a unique advantage. The stamp duty applicable in the Cayman Islands is only payable on the cost of the land, and not on the combined cost of the land and property. This approach can result in savings for you currently at the time of writing this blog it’s a 7% saving, especially if you’re considering constructing a property on the land in the future.

Additionally, purchasing land allows you more flexibility. You’re free to design and build your property according to your unique vision, needs, and timeline. You can let your imagination run wild, designing your dream house, your perfect business premises, or any other structure that suits your desires. And choosing to buy land from Oasis unlocks a multitude of contacts such as builders, architects and surveyors you can tap into our 15 years of relationship building. Or just sit on the land until you retire then spend your time in your own property you have designed and constructed at your own pace.

A Sun-kissed Life
Life in the Cayman Islands offers 52 weeks of warm weather. Imagine waking up almost daily to the warm sun, a constant invitation to embrace the outdoor lifestyle that the islands so beautifully cater to. Besides the undeniable appeal of a sun-soaked life, the year-round favourable climate also has a positive impact on the property rental market.

The Cayman Islands have seen a steady increase in tourism and subsequently, demand for rental accommodations. As a landowner, this opens up an exciting avenue. You can capitalise on this demand and explore the potential of developing your land into a rental property. Even if you’re not ready to leap into property development right away, the promise of a strong rental market is a rewarding prospect for the future.

Planning and infrastructure: Ready for Your Dream Build
Oasis Land Development Ltd understands that owning land is often the first step towards a bigger dream – creating a home or a commercial establishment that reflects your vision and ambition. To facilitate this, every land parcel we offer comes with full infrastructure outlined planning approval for residential development in place (and residential/commercial development for some of our developments on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman). This means you’re not just buying land; you’re buying the opportunity to create, design, and build. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any yearly annual taxes on the land there are no land tax’s in the Cayman Islands meaning you can take your time and plan your build carefully. View Oasis’s infrastructure overview blog hereMoreover, having planning approval in place reduces the administrative work you’ll need to do when you decide to build. It ensures a smoother, faster transition from land ownership to property development whenever you’re ready. And if you’re uncertain about any aspect of this, our experienced team is always ready to guide you through the process.

Financing Your Land Purchase.
One of the barriers many people face when considering land purchasing is financing especially now when you consider the interest being charged. At Oasis Land Development Ltd, we’ve endeavoured to break down these barriers, making land ownership in the Cayman Islands an accessible dream.

We offer an interest-free finance plan that is available to everyone. With this plan, you can get a no-deposit purchase or opt to lower your monthly payments by paying a deposit that you decided you’re comfortable with. This financial flexibility makes owning land in the Cayman Islands simple, straightforward, and stress-free. It is not just about enabling you to buy land; it’s about empowering you to plan in your future now to retirement. Try our interest free calculator here, and see which freehold land lot fits into your budget.

Your Cayman Islands Concierge
Once you’re a proud landowner with Oasis Land Development Ltd, we extend to you a concierge service. We believe that owning land in the Cayman Islands is not just a financial investment, but a lifestyle one. This is why we offer a complete experience, from exploring the land to realising your dreams upon it.

The concierge service can show you around the islands, taking you to your chosen lot/s, and providing you with a first-hand feel of the community and the unique offerings of the region. It’s not just about the view from your lot; it’s about understanding the view of your lot in the broader, vibrant context of the Cayman Islands.

Building Your Future with Oasis Land Developments
At Oasis we offer much more than a lot of land; we offer a canvas for our clients to paint their vision of a perfect Cayman home or business.

With every land purchase from Oasis, a full suite of architectural drawings, with a value of $25,000, is included in the purchase price. This set of professionally prepared designs is your first step towards transforming your freehold land lot.

In partnership with architects and building professionals in the Cayman Islands, we have curated a selection of 6 design styles ranging from traditional Caribbean to contemporary, with customisable options to suit your personal aesthetic and functional requirements and your budget.

We believe that our clients should have the freedom to approach property development at their own pace at a time of there choosing. The laid-back, relaxed pace of life in the Cayman Islands is a key aspect of its charm. Embodying this ‘island way’, we allow our landowners to take their time with development. With no yearly land taxes to worry about, you are free to plan your build when it suits you, ensuring that the process remains exciting rather than becoming a source of stress.

We offer six villa-style design concepts, suitable for diverse preferences and budgets:

1. The Malibu: A two-story home with family and formal living spaces, and a separate study, dining, and sitting room.

2. The Monte Carlo: A four-bedroom property surrounding a private courtyard, and separate single car garage.

3. The Berkley Duplex: An investment property with two semi-detached units, each offering three bedrooms and additional living spaces.

4. The Aria: A Caribbean-style property with an open-concept living space and three well-proportioned bedroom suites.

5. The Cayman: A modern design with four double bedrooms and open plan living.

6. The Hampton: A single-story home with three to four bedrooms, designed with classic Caribbean style architecture and a modern twist.

Banking and Business in the Cayman Islands
The perks of land ownership in the Cayman Islands go beyond the physical attributes of your lot. Once you’re a landowner, you can demonstrate local ties to the Cayman Islands and open a local bank account. This connection can help simplify many aspects of managing your land purchase, providing an added layer of convenience and security.

Moreover, the Cayman Islands have long been recognised as a leading international financial centre, renowned for its investment fund formation, structured finance, and captive insurance businesses. Registering a company in the Cayman Islands can be a strategic link move for those considering a business venture, offering numerous benefits such as a well-regulated financial services industry, political stability, tax neutrality, and robust legal and judicial systems.

Flying to Paradise
Easy access to the Cayman Islands is part of what makes our islands so appealing. With two international airports (Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman and Charles Kirkconnel International Airport on Cayman Brac) and expanding flight paths, you’re never too far away. The steady growth in tourism has prompted the expansion of flight routes, making it even easier for landowners and visitors to reach the islands from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re coming from Miami, Toronto, or beyond, the Cayman Islands are just a flight away.

Building to Last
The construction standards in the Cayman Islands are regulated by strict building codes, including the Miami Dade code. All constructions are checked by a government department, ensuring your build is compliant. These standards serve to maintain the integrity of the built environment in the Cayman Islands, preserving the unique aesthetic and quality that make it such a desirable place to live and invest in.

Residency and Life in the Cayman Islands
There are various residency options available to property owners in the Cayman Islands. This includes options for persons of independent means, investors, and entrepreneurs, among others. These residency options offer potential advantages like tax benefits, ease of travel, and enhanced privacy, making it a desirable proposition for many landowners. Read more about residency in the Cayman Islands here.

Closing Thoughts
The essence of the Cayman Islands is beautifully captured in Mark Twain’s timeless words: “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” At Oasis Land Development Ltd, we’re not just selling land; we’re offering a rare opportunity to own a piece of this timeless, irreplaceable treasure.

Whether you’re seeking an investment opportunity, dreaming of building a vacation home, or looking to start a business venture set up a Cayman Islands company, owning land in the Cayman Islands presents a world of possibilities. We invite you to explore these possibilities with us, and in doing so, discover the unique allure and potential of this vibrant, sun-kissed paradise



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