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Little Cayman Villa Land for the perfect property

Oasis Land Development is proud to add the little lagoon villa plot to our Cayman Islands land portfolio. Currently little lagoon is the only land parcel available to purchase of this size which is situated in the little Cayman lagoon area. This unique one of a kind plot is situated directly in front of Owen Island, Little Cayman’s signature point of interest.

The Little Cayman lagoon is a shallow water reef, which boasts turquoise waters and the most idyllic scenery which provides an amazing backdrop for a unique special villa. Little Cayman is full of secluded beaches and beauty spots and the Little Lagoon reef is definitely the top of the list as far as beauty spots go.

Owen island is voted among the best secluded beaches in North America by, Owen Island which sits about 200 yards from the shore of Little Cayman and is just 11 acres, can be reached by Kayak, boat or strong swimmers. Many people have taken their vows on Owen Islands as it truly is a romantic stretch of land which has a panoramic views like no other.

Little Cayman’s lagoon is home to some of natures best sea life and the Shallow waters provide some of the best snorkelling and fishing in the Caribbean.

The lagoon runs along side the south side of Little Cayman and the turquoise waters brush the south coast of Little Cayman where little lagoon is located. The shore, which the lagoon runs along, is no longer than 2 miles long Providing exclusive views to limited land. You can moor your boat within the little Cayman lagoon, which is protected by the reef which can be seen circulating the lagoon.

This development really is a signature development providing views like no other right from your plot of land.