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Larger Planes Start Flights to Brac

Larger Planes Start Flights to Brac

Cayman Airways newly-leased Embraer 120 aircraft made its inaugural flight to Cayman Brac Wednesday.

The 8 a.m. flight between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac had a full complement of 30 passengers on board. The return flight left Cayman Brac for Grand Cayman about an hour later.

“The 30-seat aircraft has a flight attendant for passenger comfort and safety and is fully equipped with gallery and lavatory facilities,” said Cayman Airways chief executive Fabian Whorms. “The Twin Otter service will now be able to focus more on Little Cayman and on service between the Sister Islands.”

The Twin Otters will be replaced with slightly larger Saab 340 aircraft by early next year, Mr. Whorms said.

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell said the larger Embraer planes should help increase available seats going to and from the Brac, boosting not only the local tourism product but the island’s general economy.

“Cayman Airways has been able to time the flights of the 30-seater to also connect with Little Cayman flights on the Twin Otter and many other international flights into and out of Grand Cayman,” Mr. Kirkconnell said.

The Embraer 120 aircraft will fly twice a day to and from Cayman Brac, except Tuesdays when they are down for routine maintenance. Additional flights will be added on heavier demand days.

Source Cayman Compass