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January Update

Signature January Update

According to Cayman’s News portals, Cayman tourism leaders believe the Island could see around 25% of visitors return by Easter—if the right COVID-19 policies are put in place.

The new Cayman Islands Tourism Association board is hoping the island will be seeing half as many tourists as it did in the record-breaking year of 2019 by summer 2021 and 75% of that volume by the time high-season kicks in around Thanksgiving (November 2021).

Cayman began rolling out the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine to locals on January 8 2021, the first of the British Overseas Territories. The Caribbean and the Cayman Islands Government is planning for a 70% uptake of the vaccine. With the expected arrival of coronavirus vaccines, British Overseas territory will be reopening its border to tourists in March.

Now we shall shift our attention to our update on Signature One Deveopment, and let’s see what has been happening for the past weeks.


The edge of the lake is near complete. The remaining lake area will be dealt with in two blasts. Trenching for electrical lines and vaults has started.

january 2

january 2

Based on the current progress, we are confident to target around April to May for registering individual Block & Parcel numbers. Once the lake edging and the blasting is complete, we will start to asphalt the roads in line with the NRA and land title for each individual plot will be applied. After receiving the land title, we will start to assist clients who have completed payments to apply for land title transfer to their own name by the middle of June (subject to change).

We have been striving to get the infrastructure back on schedule that has been delayed by COVID-19 and we look forward to assisting our clients who have completed the payments in transferring titles soon and we believe this is the most concern of them.

january 3

We are due to start a consortium of builds in 2021, if you would like to be part of this consortium please let us know and we can discuss your requirement and how to achieve the best price. You can then enjoy a tax-free rental income in the Cayman Islands. (Please check one of our properties recently completed on islands). We have since landscaped the property and Oasis are preparing a planning application for a swimming pool for the property. You can view the full video of this amazing property on YouTube