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How Oasis are Overcoming COVID-19

How Oasis are Overcoming COVID-19

As you know the future of many economies lie​ in the hands of COVID-19. Oasis Land Development are no stranger to the effects of COVID-19, however in recent months we are fortunate enough to see our business bounce back.

How Oasis Land Development Ltd are overcoming COVID-19;

Oasis Land Development incorporated in 2008 in the midst of the Global Recession, our business model allows Oasis to be flexible and adjust to changing economies. To overcome such times Oasis offer investors extended payment terms and a tailored deposit to suit you.

Interest Rates vs Real Estate.

Let’s face it, bank interest rates are not exactly healthy in the given pandemic, although the UK Government announced a growing economy for the fourth quarter 2020, the horizon of the economy is still unknown.

Top 3 Reasons why Real Estate can be better than Savings in the Bank (2020)

  1. When you buy real estate, you acquire physical land or property. Most real estate investors make money by collecting rents (which can provide a steady income stream) and through appreciation, as the property’s value goes up. Also, since real estate can be leveraged, it’s possible to expand your holdings even if you can’t afford to pay cash outright.
  2. With today’s interest rates being so low, it’s not uncommon for the monthly rent you collect to not only cover your mortgage payment, but to also give you a little extra change on top. The extra cash flow (over and above the mortgage payment) affords you the ability to make improvements to the property, which in turn adds to the resale value, or to start saving for your next investment.
  3. Your money in the bank simply makes the banker richer while your money in real estate makes you richer. If you save money in the bank, the money will be used by the bank to give out loans and you will be paid an interest. The difference between the interest given by the customer who loans your money and the amount given to you is taken by the bank. Thus making the banker richer. On the other hand, when you invest in real estate, the difference between the price you bought the property and the price you are selling it is taken completely by you. Thus, making you wealthier.

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