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Grand Harbor Grand Cayman up for sale

Grand Harbor Grand Cayman up for sale

North Sound Estates Grand Cayman is one of the most desirable places to own property in the Cayman Islands and is fast becoming limited.

The Ritz Carlton are moving a head to develop their piece of Grand Harbor, North Sound frontage on the Seven Mile Beach corridor, the Dart Group are submitting plans to develop their remaining North Sound frontage, and the last largest piece of North Sound commercial land is selling for a whopping US$12,000,000 – for just 14 acres!

Now the owner of the Grand Harbor Development Mr. Bell is selling his remaining land for US$45,000,000. The land is being sold in 5 separate plots which each span several undeveloped acres.

The largest of the 5 plots is priced at US$20,000,000 and is at the North Sound Village at the Northern end of Grand Horbour.

Residential land in the Savannah area, which is the east part of North Sound, can be sold up to US$2,000,000 for just 1 acre of land. Current market value shows a .50 acre piece of land which is direct to the canal front from US$280,000.

If you would like to invest in North Sound Estates, contact Oasis Land Development today, with limited canal front land developments.