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Come With us to The Cayman Islands!

During September, 3 members of our marketing team located in the UK visited the Cayman Islands. Come with them on their journey to paradise! Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Cayman Islands? Well, now is your chance! Join us on our trip to this fantastic destination and see firsthand what makes it so special.

Day 1:

Myself, Ellie & Matt, embarked on our journey from LHR > GCM, our aim, to get as much content to share with our clients from all over the world. As it was my first time visiting the Cayman Islands, I was only used to seeing the Islands on a screen. But seriously, you really can’t comprehend how beautiful the Cayman Islands are until you visit.

As you are landing at Grand Caymans’ Owen Roberts International Airport, you can’t help but fixate on the turquoise blue waters that surround Grand Cayman, I didn’t know the seas could be this blue.

Arriving at the terminal is a smooth process. Frequently travelling across Europe, I myself am usually used to long arrival queues to cross the border, but not in Cayman. A maximum of 20 minutes you are in the airport, picking up your luggage, and out the front door.
A small observation, but when in the Caribbean you don’t expect any stress, right?

We headed out of the airport, and straight to the car rental across the road. We were provided with a red, soft-top Jeep,  our form of transport for the next week.

We now had everything we needed, our transport, our cameras, and our capable selves. All we had to do now was check in to our accommodation for the week, the Caribbean Club, a beach-front hotel located in the heart of Seven-Mile beach. Now if you haven’t been to Seven Mile Beach, words honestly can’t describe how spectacular this place is; luxury shopping, five-star hotels, beachfront restaurants & bars, topped off with crystal-calm waters and waterfront activities, what more could you ask for?

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Day 2:

Eager to see Grand Cayman for myself, we set off first thing. The plan was to drive along the south side of the Island and head towards the east end, the home of our largest development “Signature One”. Driving along the coast, we passed through towns such as Savannah & Bodden Town. This allowed me to see how well-developed Grand Cayman is outside of Seven-Mile beach, along with the world-class infrastructure the entire island has in place.
Once we arrived in the east end, our first stop was the Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park. 65 acres of preserved Cayman Land, home to a number of plant and wildlife species. Also acting as a preservation centre for the endangered Blue Iguana, this truly is a special place. Just look at the photos we managed to get here!

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Being right next door to our “Signature One” development, we left the park and headed straight over. This development is huge. Coming into the third phase of development I realised just how large this project is going to be. Offering 140+ residential lots, a 10.57-acre lake & facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, wellness centre, rental management office, and a business centre. This gated community is certainly going to be a highly sought location on Grand Cayman. Whilst we were here we managed to take a number of drone/ground shots which we can share with you below.
Across the road from Signature, is a beautiful spot known locally as “heritage beach”, a great place to enjoy a picnic or relax by the water & forget about your everyday life.

After leaving heritage beach, we went to enjoy a freshly caught lobster at the “Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry” with our managing director John Mclean Jr. An Eastend local, John has spent his entire life living in the East end & here is what he has to say about it:-
“Remembering growing up in my beautiful district of East End was the best years of my life, everyone was his neighbour’s keepers no one wanted for anything as we all shared with each other, those who farmed livestock shared with those who had plantations and also those who were fishermen. East End is very safe and secure as we all act as one family, getting to know one member in the district you are immediately introduced to the entire district as a family.”

The east end is full of both historical & natural locations, which we barely had enough time to discover. However, we managed to visit the East end lighthouse and blowholes. Two places I would defiantly recommend visiting as most of the time you will have these locations to yourself.
To finish off a wonderful day, we ended in Camana Bay. A vibrant waterfront community filled with a number of bars, restaurants and live entertainment.

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Day 3:

Today was an adventurous day for us all, we were visiting the sister Islands. I was particularly looking forward to visiting Little Cayman, a place I know as tranquil and the closest thing to paradise. Little Cayman was the first stop on our tour of the sister Islands, to get there we had to take a 10-seater propeller plane from “Owen Roberts International Airport”. This was only a short 40-minute flight across to Little Cayman, upon arrival you are straight off the plane and free to discover Little Cayman as you please!
First off, we hit the supermarket to stock up on water for the day. As you can see from my images below this Little Cayman supermarket has plenty of items and fully stocked shelves to ensure you can purchase everything you need when living on this quiet island. Once we had our daily essentials, we headed straight to the beach so we can look into the near-distance at Owen Island. Owen Island is a small sandbank where you can enjoy a picnic or simply indulge in the tranquillity that surrounds you. We didn’t manage to Kayak over, but we were able to get you these photos to enjoy!

Most of our day on Little Cayman was spent visiting and photographing our land lots available on the Island. You can view our featured lots available on the Island by clicking here.
I don’t want to sound biased, but some of these locations we have available on Little Cayman are phenomenal! Imagine owning an oceanfront land lot on an Island that is the closest thing to paradise!
To finish off our visit to Little Cayman we visited Point of Sands beach, and seriously, the photos I share below cannot do this place justice. Feel your feet sink into the soft white sands and take a dive into the warm, crystal water. We certainly did; to top it off, we had the beach to ourselves.
Now that our trip on Little Cayman was coming to an end, before heading to the airport we stopped off at a nice surf-style bar named “Beach Nutts Bar”. Here you can enjoy a nice lunch by the beach or organise a scuba diving trip into the famous Little Cayman waters. Today we just settled for lunch.
After our lunch we departed for Cayman Brac, again, using the 10-seater propeller plane.
Check out our round-up of photos from Little Cayman.

We arrived in Cayman Brac around 4 pm so we spent the rest of the day visiting our developments on the Island & producing updated content to share with you all. Now, if you are looking for more of a social side of living, then Brac, as well as Grand Cayman can offer this.
Cayman Brac has a number of bars and restaurants to explore, with regular visitors in each bar. There are also a number of establishments offering freshly caught seafood which we would defiantly recommend you try!

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Day 4:

As we managed to complete all the development content we needed a day in advance, we decided to spend the rest of our day exploring what the Brac has to offer. If you are a fan of hiking and exploring, then the Brac is the place to be. With a variety of wildlife species, numerous hiking trails & a great selection of Caves, It’s easy to see why the Brac is known as an explorer’s paradise.
To begin we visited some stunning beaches we found across Cayman Brac. Being in the Caribbean, a beach nearby is something I know a lot of you will expect when purchasing Real Estate, and Brac certainly does not disappoint when offering some great beaches.
Stretching across the majority of Cayman Brac is the rocky Bluff. This provides spectacular views, and the exotic flora and fauna create an ideal backdrop for exploring. A great hiking trail we decided to visit was the Cayman Brac lighthouse which can be accessed via foot or vehicle. We decided to drive up as we only had half a day left on Brac. The views by this lighthouse are phenomenal, offering panoramic views across Brac and over the Caribbean ocean I can guarantee this will be the best location to watch the sunrise throughout the entire Cayman Islands.
Hidden away in the Bluff are a number of Caves & Trails waiting to be explored. We stopped off at a location known as “Skull Cave” due to its skull-like formation into the Bluff. Skull cave is home to a number of friendly bats, so if you are brave enough, venture inside and see what you can find.
One thing I did notice when exploring Brac, is its large selection of Supermarkets. Living on the island there is certainly a number to choose from when narrowing down your favourite store, all with fully stacked shelves.
With limited time left, we, unfortunately, couldn’t see many of the great things Brac has to offer. We did manage to drive around most of the Island so we could share Island features with you all such as the emergency services, bars, restaurants, sports centre and more!

As our time on Brac came to an end we got our short flight back to Grand Cayman and enjoyed a fantastic meal in George Town at the, Casanova restaurant. This Italian restaurant sits on the edge of George Town harbour, overlooking the Caribbean ocean. The Cayman Islands truly offers world-class dining experiences.

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Day 5:

The last day of our trip. Unfortunately, our time here was coming to an end. Happy with the content we produced in this short time, we realised there were still many great things the Cayman Islands has to offer that we couldn’t visit and share with you this time round.

What a great start to our last day it was. Ellie had organised a horseback trip, an experience I will always remember. An hour of riding down West Bay beach and swimming in the Caribbean sea on Horseback. The ride along the beach was easy enough but when it came to swimming in the sea on the back of a horse, it’s not the easiest experience in the world, but it is defiantly worth it if you are able. As we still had a few hours left to burn we headed into George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, and indulged in the luxurious duty-free shopping George Town has to offer, as well as checked out some of the parliamentary buildings.

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