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Caymanians are One of the Longest Lived Groups of People in the World

Caymanians are One of the Longest Lived Groups of People in the World

Caymanians are one of the longest lived groups of people in the world. With an average life expectancy of 82.3 years for both sexes, baby boys born today can expect to live to almost 80 years old while girls almost 85 years old. The longevity of the population is down to a number of factors, including quality health care but also a high standard of living. However, given the well documented problems facing Cayman’s private sector as well as public sector pensions, long post retirement life may present a significant problem for future governments.

The 2013 Compendium of Statistics released by the Economics and Statistics Office shows last month shows that men in Cayman are now are expected to live 79.8 years and females 84.7 years.

“Figures on life expectancy are required data for pension and insurance purposes, particularly in calculating expected retirement benefits,” said Marco Archer, the minister for Finance and Economic Development. “Life expectancy is also generally used as a ‘quality of life’ indicator – this is expected to be higher the more developed a country is.”

According to a World Health Organization, the highest life expectancy for a country as of 2013 was Monaco, where people on average can expect to live until they are 87.2 years – women there can expect to live to 89 years old and men more than 85. Using the WHO figures, Cayman is ranked 14th on a par with France from the 222 nations ranked.

Cayman outstrips all its Caribbean neighbours as well as the USA, which is ranked 34th with an average expectation of 79.8 years, as well as the United Kingdom, which is down in 28th place with an expected life span of 79.5 for men and 82.5 for women.