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Cayman Islands Weddings

Cayman Islands Weddings

Everywhere you look, couples are “twitterpated,” as they dubbed it in the Bambi animated film. They are in love, and they don’t care who knows it. Many are planning their weddings for next year, which means they are already knee deep in dresses, flowers, location arrangements and invitations.

Although affianced pairs may book summer weddings in cooler climes, in the Cayman Islands, a top wedding destination, the most popular time to wed is in the first half of the year. The soft sea breezes waft over the land, offering perfect temperatures, particularly for nuptials held on the beach.

This wedding edition is your definitive guide to services available in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. There is information on wedding planners, flowers, resorts, restaurants, spas, salons, jewelers, and music choices in the following pages to help you make the most of your special day.

You’ll also find advice on where to splurge and save, and how to add unique twists to your wedding that will make it a truly memorable event.

Remember that venues and planners get booked early, so if you’re thinking about getting married in 2015, you really need to start looking at options now.

Don’t forget that there are churches, gardens, ballrooms and beaches to choose from, not to mention the Sister Islands. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are only a short flight away, and there are no custom duties to worry about, no matter what you take over with you. They offer different topography and views, not to mention a little more privacy than the biggest island.

They may be exactly what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re a small wedding party.

Whatever you choose to do, know that people fly to the Cayman Islands from all over the world for our warm temperatures and breathtaking backdrops. With professional companies offering the latest and greatest designs, accessories and ideas, and a lot of help from Mother Nature, there is simply no better place to say “I do.”

Source: Cayman Compass