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Cayman Islands Rock & Reggae Music Festival

On the 12th July 2013 the Cayman Islands will host its very own “Cayman Islands Rock & Reggae Music Festival”

The festival will feature international stars along with new music artists such as Jamaica’s Reggae artist Chronixx & the Zincfence. The Cayman Islands musuc festival will also feature UK band “Brave Yesterday” and Jamaica’s “Third World” band who have been creating reggae music since 1973. The headliner at the event is Air Supply who are a British / Australia duo that have sold over 100 million albums and had 8 top ten hits in the 1980’s.

The Music Festival will be held in Grand Cayman’s, Camana Bay, George Town on the 12th July 2013. The Cayman Islands festival will also feature a cell phone donation program, bins will be placed around the festival grounds where people can donate used & damaged cell phones. The program benefits the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre who’s mission is “to help those who need it”. The Charity is set up to help domestic abuse for men, woman and children.

The event is being coordinated by Music Republic who’s vision is to bring together the Caribbean’s leading industry’s professionals and produce large scale festivals & concerts in the Caribbean. The Music Republic Group has 3 upcoming concerts planned in the Caribbean, in November 2013 they will hold the Caribbean Electronic Music Congress which will be held in Trinidad and Barbados, this event will see DJ’s from all over the globe who will provide sounds of electronic Ibiza style music to people from all over the Caribbean.

Music Republics Managing Director and CEO Ian Hemming has over 14 years of experience in financial institutions in various capacities in the Caribbean, Europe and North America. Mr. Hemming was the Chief financial officer for the Art of Music Production in 2012, the Art of Music Products are producers of the Jamaican Jazz and Blues Festivals which have seen performers such as Celine Dion.

If you would like more information about the event contact us today.