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Cayman Islands Rental Homes

Cayman Islands Rental Homes

Oasis Land Development Limited are one of the largest Real estate companies in the Cayman Islands dealing in land & building plot sales, providing all types of real estate opportunity’s, for those looking to invest in the Cayman Islands or for those simply wanting to visit the islands in one of our luxury rental opportunities.

Oasis Land can provide access to some of the most prestige properties and villas in the Cayman islands, and you don’t have to be a customer with Oasis to get access into such a vast array of Cayman Islands property rentals.

Together Oasis Land Development & Oasis Land Rentals are positive that everyone will appreciate the tranquil, luxury, high class beauty that the Cayman Islands has to offer, with the safety and luxury lifestyle that is exclusive to the Cayman Islands.

Whether you are looking to rent or build, homes, condos, apartments, villas, vacation homes, luxury ocean front property, beachfront property, commercial establishments Oasis can help you.

At the forefront and with the knowledge of the Cayman Islands, Oasis will provide you with access to only the best of rental opportunities. Oasis can provide you with different options, before we do there are just a few things, which you need to consider:

  • Cayman Island: Oasis can provide you access to rental properties on Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, though out network of contacts.
  • Cayman Area: Once you have chosen your islands it would be best to advise Oasis which district of the island you would like to be in, whether it is be a section of the islands such as North, East, South or West or whether there is a particular point of interest you would like to be near.
  • Property Type: With a huge variety of properties, Oasis can provide you access to rentals types such as:
    • Beachfront Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Oceanfront Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Canal Front Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Sea View Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Golf Resort Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Inland Property / Villas / Condo’s / Apartments
    • Bluff Top (Cayman Brac)

  • Rooms: How many rooms do you require, from 1 bedroom to 10 bedroom mansions the Cayman Islands has it all.
  • Price Range: It’s best to be realistic, rentals in the Cayman Islands are not the cheapest, as the Cayman Islands provide one of the best standards of living and the most luxurious property portfolios in the Caribbean.
  • Time-frame; How long will you require the property for and the approximate dates, there are different rentals seasons in the Cayman Islands, the high season being the most expensive time to rent, the peak seasons in the Cayman Islands is mid-May to December.

Other considerations,

  • SPets: It most cases pets are not accepted in rental properties, some do accept pets, if you require a property which allows pets you need to advise Oasis.
  • SShared Units: most landlords will not allow sharers, which means only 1 family per unit (depending on the size of the property) if you require additional people it is best to check the maximum amount of people allowed in the property.
  • Smoking: Many Cayman Islands rentals are non-smoking inside, smoking can result to a loss of deposit, if smoking inside is a requirement please let us know.

Whatever your requirements Oasis can help.