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Cayman Islands health city to open in February 2014

Cayman Islands health city to open in February 2014

Oasis Land Development are excited to hear the news, that the much anticipated first phase of the Dr. Shetty Mega Health City, will open on the 24th February 2014, this was announced by officials yesterday 24th September 2013.

The Hospital, which is situated in the East End of Grand Cayman, has seen local and overseas investors waiting in anticipation. The construction of the project has been on schedule, and the open date has been released with confidence. The information was released at a special launch on Tuesday; Dr. Shetty himself was present and gave the presentation about the vision of the Health City.

It was revealed at the presentation that a significant number of workers for the hospital would come from India, with a proportion available for local workers. Dr. Shetty said that the staff coming from India are currently undergoing cultural sensitivity training about Cayman, before they arrive. This is to facilitate their integration into the local community.

The presentation was held in the Marriott Hotel, Grand Cayman, and was attended by several hundred people, this is a true reflection of the interest the hospital holds for the Cayman Islands and the one-of-a-kind development. The excitement was also clear as the Narayana Hrudayalaya group’s Indian star doctors will be in the Cayman Islands to manage the first phase, which consists of an 150 bed tertiary care. At least 2 local doctors will join the newly formed team.

Dr. Shetty didn’t hold back in his presentation, saying that the hospital will become a centre of medical excellence providing surgery, affordable health care, medical training and the worlds top surgeons. The hospital will hold the latest medical technologies and will be ahead of time, using techniques that aren’t even available in the U.S. at present, yet the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital surgeons are already experts in.

Among other aspects, the hospital will bring the use of unique techniques that will help to cut the healthcare cost; the new modern equipment has had incredible success in India. India’s economy is of course different to the Cayman Islands, however such difference will only be beneficial to the Cayman Islands, as they will be able to deliver such high-quality efficiencies of a world-class proven model at lower rates, making the best health care more affordable.

Since the initial announcement of the hospital, Cayman has been embraced in the vision and the hope it will be a new area of economic development for the Cayman Islands.

Moses Kirkconnell, who was acting as premier with Alden McLaughlin in Miami at the KPMG conference along with Kurt Tibbetts, led the Cabinet team. The team pressed for involving as many Caymanians as possible as future employees, including landlords housing the hospital’s employees and patients seeking the specialities offered at the hospital. (Source: Cayman News Service)