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Cayman Islands: Epicenter of the Caribbean Culinary Scene

Cayman Islands: Epicenter of the Caribbean Culinary Scene

Excellence in culinary ranks high among many traveler’s, and I am proud to share that food is one of our most cherished experiences offered to distinguished visitors from all parts of the globe.

In fact, for more than a decade, the Cayman Islands has proudly held the deserving title of “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean,” and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

The Cayman Islands is the leader in culinary travel in the Caribbean and will continue to thrive as “the premier” Caribbean destination of choice for foodies worldwide.

While our epicurean product is established, it continues to evolve with new flavours and serve unexpected experiences to entice taste buds of visitors and residents alike. Here are just a few of my favourite reasons why the Cayman Islands is renown as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”:

Caymanian Cuisine

I cannot start a conversation about our culinary scene without first mentioning the outstanding variety of flavors found across the Caymanian cuisine. My favorite seafood is served fresh from the dock in a “sea-to-table” fashion, while international flavors are blended with native savors, all focused on premium ingredients and true Caymankind service.

From fresh conch ceviche to traditional cassava cake and global influences blended into Caymanian curry, jerk chicken and other mouth-watering dishes, Cayman cuisine is a wonderful mix of local and worldly tastes that satisfy any gourmand looking for a culinary adventure. Caymanian cuisine proves flavour does not have to suffer when eating consciously!

The destination is embracing the farm-to-table movement of healthy eating with the likes of delicious restaurants such as VIVO Café & Restaurant, Bread & Chocolate and Saucha, all specializing in organic, vegan and locally-sourced food and beverage offerings.

Diversity of Offerings

Ranging from an award-winning, AAA Five Diamond restaurant to truly local “mom-and-pop” haunts and rustic seaside fish shacks, the Cayman Islands provides exceptionally diverse gastronomic experiences served across more than 200 restaurants throughout our three islands.

From international flavors of locally popular restaurants in the renowned Camana Bay to sophisticated menu offerings at Blue by Eric Ripert and a farm-to-table menu featuring the freshest ingredients at the Brasserie, the biggest decision foodies will need to make is where to go next!

And if that isn’t enough to sway your taste buds, you can read about the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean in this article—Small Island, Big Flavours: Why Cayman is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.

Caliber of Talent

While the famed Chef Eric Ripert put the global culinary spotlight on Grand Cayman with Blue by Eric Ripert, the only AAA Five Diamond restaurant in the Caribbean, award-winning chefs including Chef George Fowler and Chef Vidyadhara Shetty, and new talent such as Chef Dylan Benoit from YARA Steakhouse, blend native flavours with exceptional presentation to create their own vibrant take on the Cayman cuisine daily.

Complementing each dish, our infinite roster of acclaimed sommeliers and talented mixologists seamlessly blend local spices and spirits into refreshing cocktails enjoyed island-wide. Our Caymanian cuisine and talented chefs are further bolstered through the Cayman Islands’ School of Hospitality Studies, which offers training courses to certify and inspire careers in the destination’s culinary sector.

We are honoured to showcase our budding culinary team and their delicious gastronomic accomplishments, such as Jessica Moore with her local catering company, Taste This Life, as well as pastry chef Brittanni Seymour with her gourmet dessert company “Scratch.”

The Cayman Islands’ culinary offerings received many global recognitions. In fact, Forbes, Food & Wine, USA Today, Tasting Table, Robb Report and are just a handful of media that have crowned the Cayman Islands as a foodie heaven.

This past summer, the Cayman Culinary Team visited Miami for the Caribbean National Culinary Competition and brought home five gold and two silver medals. Our Culinary Team received gold overall, and the coveted title of “Caribbean Pastry Chef of the Year” was awarded to Cayman’s very own Melissa Logan of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

At the same time, international award-winning chefs visit us regularly, with some even taking up residence. The Cayman Islands serve a plethora of flavourful reasons to be named the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.”