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Cayman Branded Coca Cola Cans

Cayman Branded Coca Cola Cans

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Coca Cola has launched a new Cayman-branded can in the Cayman Islands.

The new can, which features the Cayman Islands coat of arms and a statement reading ‘Cayman Islands Taste The Feeling’, was first presented at Christmas at the Castle which took place on the Great Lawn at Pedro St. James on December 6. The event was sponsored by Tortuga Fine Wines & Spirits, Coca Cola and the Ministry of Health.

“Introducing the new and official #cocacola look! It will hit the stores very soon! Can’t wait to see all your pictures with it,” said an early morning Facebook post from Tortuga Fine Wines & Spirits.

The personalized Coca Cola can trend was created in 2011 in Australia. Initially, they made 150 popular first names (e.g. Eric, Mary, Susan…) and also included generic names like “Dad”, “Mum”, “Bro”, hoping to capture 42 per cent of the population in Australia. But with the success, the concept of personalized cans has branched out internationally.