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Cayman Brac on the agenda for change

Cayman Brac on the agenda for change

On Monday (7th October 2013) the premier of the Cayman Islands had a busy agenda during the Government meeting, the premier spoke for more than one and a half hours, as he delivered a policy statement following the governor’s throne speech and ahead of the finance minister’s budget address. The Cayman Islands Premier, Alden McLaughlin outlined a number of policy developments and legislative amendments that the PPM administration hopes to tackle before this financial year is over.

The premier discussed a number of issues which would effect the Cayman Islands for the better, he went on to say that “Investment in a modern infrastructure will be within our means and will yield maximum returns for the country. Expenditure on government and by government will give value for money,” he said, and although government would facilitate the environment, growth and employment would be driven by the private sector. McLaughlin stated that the planned immigration reforms would be the core of future economic expansion that would protect Caymanians while acknowledging the need for a reliable labour force.

Among the large number of subjects that Mr. McLaughlin discussed, Oasis where happy to hear that the sister islands where on the list of enhancements. One of the things which was a priority for the sister islands, was the re-development of the airport on Cayman Brac, he advised that Cayman Airways would also open an office on Cayman Brac, which Oasis believe is to help with the projected passengers which will use Cayman Brac airport.

The hurricane shelter which was built on the Cayman Brac bluff will now be used as a new high school on Cayman Brac.

Source: Cayman News Service