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Cayman Brac Bluff Roads to get repaved

Cayman Brac Bluff Roads to get repaved

To complete the island-wide-paving on Cayman Brac the National Road Authority continue to lease their paving equipment to the Brac in order for the bluff roads to be repaved.

The most recently paved roads on Cayman Brac’s bluff are Songbird Drive and Major Donald Drive, which are both located in the center of the Cayman Brac Bluff.

Moses Kirkconnell Deputy Premier of the sister islands advised that the 2 Government owned roads where asphalted in the past 2 months.

“The plan now is we’re [on] the government road in the center of the Bluff and the plan is to go west on the Bluff [paving Songbird Drive],” Mr. Kirkconnell said.

“If you look at Cayman Brac, it has a north side road and a south side road and a Bluff road in the center. The two lower roads have been done, so it stands to reason that the third road … the ones that are mainly used … would be the Bluff road and that’s being done now.

“We have prioritized the government roads and that’s what we are doing.”