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Cayman Brac Beach Resort Reopens

Cayman Brac Beach Resort Reopens

Oasis Land Development staff are excited to experience the new Cayman Brac Reef Resort this week.

Formerly known as the Brac Reef Beach Resort, the Cayman Brac Beach Resort held its grand re-opening on Friday, 15 January, revealing the latest additions made after it underwent renovations last fall.

Government dignitaries including Premier Hon Alden McLaughlin, Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism Hon Moses Kirkconnell and Minister of Finance Hon Marco Archer, civil servants, the resort’s staff and family members of the general contractor, Arch and Godfrey, attended the meeting.

The revamped and rebranded facility features a free-form beach front pool, multi-level bar, a new paint job, a new bar menu and upgraded accommodations.

Michael Tibbetts, grandson of the resort’s founder Linton Tibbetts, said the family wants to build on the success of his grandfather’s venture.

The fantastic panoramic view guests at the newly re-opened Cayman Brac Resort will feast on when they visit the newly refurbished getaway.
“We’re excited about the future of Cayman Brac. We will be creating a space that will be inviting to guests from all over the world,” he stated.

The resort was closed to pre-booked guests from August to mid-December but remained open for local guests and in doing so kept its staff employed.

Describing the pool and bar area before the renovations, Mr Tibbetts said, “There was a bar here previously and then a kind of open area that was a really under-utilised space between the resort and the beach. So we’ve created this better connection to the beach.”

The first Brac Reef Hotel was opened by local businessman Linton Tibbetts and two co-investors in 1977.

Speaking at the opening Premier McLaughlin stated, “I firmly believe that Mr Tibbetts’ family is carrying on his legacy of promoting Cayman Brac and ensuring her economy is sustained in part through tourism and the many developments he contributed to our country.

“It was a commitment to the island and the country that we saw in spades in November 2008 when Hurricane Paloma devastated Cayman Brac and reduced the site you are now standing on to rubble. Mr Tibbetts and his family could have thrown in the towel and walked away from all the damage back then, but they were determined to press ahead and rebuild.

“Today I am happy to be a part of this grand re-opening and rebranding of Mr T’s vision and foresight. I commend the family for championing the cause of growth and tourism on the Sister Islands,” he added.

The resort received the 2015 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence for consistently achieving great reviews from travelers and has also earned a prestigious new designation of TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Member, which selectively recognises recipients that consistently receive positive ratings and have earned Certificates of Excellence over a five year period.

In his speech Mr Kirkconnell stated, “The vision for this hotel was to attract new and repeat business to the Brac based on the provision of high quality service, reasonable rates and guest comfort and convenience. All of that was underpinned by the natural warmth and hospitality inherent in our Caymanian people and which was freely and willingly extended to all who visited these shores.

“I am very happy to be here celebrating the reopening of the Cayman Brac Beach Hotel and following this latest elegant makeover I feel certain that guests will be attracted to the high-quality accommodations complemented by modern amenities. In addition to the myriad of upgrades the name change will allow the resort to fully reflect its location in the Sister Islands, hinting at the spectacular sport diving that can only be experienced at Cayman Brac,” he said.