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Cayman Airways Explores New Opportunities for Route Expansion

During a recent public meeting led by Minister for Tourism Kenneth Bryan, exciting possibilities for Cayman Airways’ route expansion were unveiled. Minister Bryan announced plans for additional flights and new routes, highlighting the potential for increased connectivity and visitor influx to the Cayman Islands.

Expanding the Cayman to Los Angeles Route

Among the proposed route expansions, one prominent focus is the Cayman to Los Angeles flight, which currently operates on a weekly basis. Minister Bryan expressed the intention to increase the frequency to two flights per week. He emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating that it not only attracts visitors but also connects the Cayman Islands with Hollywood, the renowned film capital of the world.

Acknowledging the positive impact of this connection, Minister Bryan emphasized that the Ministry of Tourism has witnessed the highest number of films, documentaries, TV shows, and commercials being filmed on the island in history. He further expressed his belief that Cayman Airways’ presence in Hollywood will contribute to the continued success of the local film industry. With the support of robust incentives, more business opportunities will be attracted to the Cayman Islands, leading to increased employment opportunities for Caymanians within the production sector.

Prospects of New Routes

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan has revealed that the government is actively exploring the addition of new gateway routes through Texas and Ohio. Speaking on the Cayman Compass weekly talk show, The Resh Hour, on 5th April, Minister Bryan expressed his excitement about the upcoming launch of the Panama route in June, emphasizing that the expansion of gateways will not end there.

During the show, Minister Bryan explained that the Texas area and the Cleveland area are being considered due to their alignment with the target market of middle-class individuals with disposable income who have a strong affinity for the Caribbean. Additionally, there is also consideration being given to a potential route in Kansas City, Missouri. However, Minister Bryan cautioned that it is premature to make official announcements, as these areas are still under careful consideration. He expressed hope that more information can be shared by the end of the year.

Bryan said it was too soon to officially announce the new routes, as these areas “are under consideration and, hopefully, we can say something at the end of this year”.

In February this year, Cayman Airways CEO Fabian Whorms, also speaking on The Resh Hour, said the airline was looking into two new gateways for travellers, one of which may start this winter.

“We have some capacity in our schedule to take on, certainly this year, another gateway,” Whorms said. “So we’re targeting a gateway for the winter season… we’ll be announcing that later on.”

He said, in addition, CAL is also looking at “marrying that [route] with a new summer gateway as well”.

Both gateways, he said, would be seasonal.

Minister Bryan expressed his pride in delivering these results, emphasizing the effort invested in reviving tourism and fostering partnerships that bring prosperity to the local economy.

Cayman Airways CEO and President Fabian Whorms Expands on Route Expansion Plans

Building upon the discussions surrounding route expansion, Cayman Airways CEO and President Fabian Whorms shared further insights during an interview. Whorms revealed that the national carrier is actively considering the addition of two more routes to its schedule. The airline aims to introduce one new gateway during the upcoming winter season, with plans for a summer gateway as well. While precise details are not yet finalized, Whorms assured that the decisions made are strategically aligned with the interests and growth of the Cayman Islands.

Whorms emphasized that route selection involves meticulous research into the origins of tourists and identifying key areas with significant visitor traffic. By introducing direct flights to these locations, Cayman Airways aims to capitalize on existing demand and further expand the market. He highlighted the airline’s commitment to benefiting the Cayman Islands as a whole, working closely with the Department of Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism, and aligning with the Minister’s vision.

As the Panama route prepares for its relaunch in June, Whorms expressed satisfaction with ticket sales, citing an already impressive figure of 1,200 seats sold. He emphasized the suitability of the schedule, accommodating tourism, local leisure, and business travel, thus contributing to the overall success of the route. Whorms also acknowledged the role of the airline’s modern fleet in supporting these changes.

Looking ahead, Whorms acknowledged the gradual development expected for the LA route, acknowledging that it will take time to establish a strong customer base. However, he expressed confidence that as Cayman Airways continues to provide exceptional service and generate positive experiences for passengers, the airline will gain recognition as the preferred way to travel to the Cayman Islands from the LA region. Whorms also highlighted the encouraging performance of the business class section on the LA route, which contributes significantly to revenue generation.