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Cayman 5th most popular Caribbean island among the rich

Cayman 5th most popular Caribbean island among the rich

A survey of the top five per cent of wealthy Americans ranked the Cayman Islands as the fifth most beloved Caribbean vacation spots for the very affluent traveller.

The list was published on business, financial and news website,, where travel experts gave their reasons for the order in which each of the “beach paradises” stack up against each other.

The list was based on a report done by research and branding company Resonance Consultancy whose survey found that after Europe, the Caribbean is the second-most popular getaway for the wealthiest one percent and five percent of travelers.

The article mentioned the brand new Cayman Brac all-suite boutique hotel, Le Soleil d’Or.
The firm surveyed 1,664 travellers, with the top one percent defined as those with annual income above $400,000 or a net worth above $8 million. The five percent were classified as earning at least $200,000 per year or having a net worth of $2 million or more.

Forty seven percent of these travellers are considering a vacation to the Caribbean in the next one to two years, the report states.

The website ranked the Cayman Islands fifth out of 16 while mentioning some features and places the islands are well known for.

Commenting on the Cayman Islands’ fifth place position stated:

“The world’s new favorite tax haven may be in the Nevada desert, but the super-yacht scene (whoops, Paul Allen) and billionaire-led development isn’t going anywhere. Not with plenty of white-sand beaches, the only AAA Five Diamond ranked restaurant in the Caribbean (Blue by Eric Ripert), and a brand new all-suite boutique hotel by the islands beloved spa, Le Soleil d’Or, opening in February. Plus stingrays. Many, many stingrays.”

While highlighting what the country had to offer the article alluded to the recent reef damage incident which involved Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s 300-foot yacht, Tatoosh.

The yacht’s anchor and chain allegedly destroyed roughly 14,000 square feet of coral reef and damaged more than 80 percent of the coral in a locally designated protected zone.

Mr Allen was reportedly not on the boat at the time.

The Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla and St Maarten all ranked higher than Cayman on the list.

Destinations not appearing on the list, such as Cuba and Curaçao, received three percent or less of the response. They still may be desirable to the wealthy but are just not being as frequently visited as yet, the site noted.