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Big plans to boost the Sister Islands economy

Big plans to boost the Sister Islands economy

New Tourism Director, Rosa Harris, said Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are top priorities for her department. She has big plans to boost the Sister Islands economy, but wants to ensure its appeal remains.

“The Sister Islands are one of our top priority in terms of ensuring we have plans in place to support and also show the vision as to what their potential really is,” said Ms. Harris.

“Its a tranquil environment to either walk, run, many sporting events. They’ve got great facilities now to welcome visiting teams so we want to look at the low hanging fruit and be able to activate it and get the experience in hosting larger numbers to be able to take on more in the future.”

Ms. Harris also pointed to the new Cayman Airways plane that will be servicing the Brac.

She’s hoping this also means additional flights to Little Cayman and she hopes to attract more couples to the Sister Islands to choose them as a destination for their weddings.

Source: Cayman 27.